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  • Welcome to!

    Welcome to! Watch this space for more Git resources from WANdisco.

    We hope that you'll enjoy using the community and will contribute to making it a great place to find answers and support.

    NOTE WELL: Due to the Spamming Volume that we have been under (greatly surpassing our normal posting volume), we have instituted a policy that all posts will be moderated. We apologize in advance for this. It is not meant as punitive to any member in good standing - just to remove the possibility of the membership being spammed into leaving. This will delay your posts until a moderator can approve your post. Again, apologies in advance.
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    I posted a topic/question and it isn't showing up.
    is there a validation to go though to verify my email or something?
    Jaeden "Sifo Dyas" al'Raec Ruiner


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      These Git Forum's are moderated. Your post will be reviewed by a moderator and, if subject matter is appropriate, allowed to show up. Please be patient since the moderators may not be in your time-zone so it might take until the next business day (or more) to get approved.

      We do this to prevent the awful SPAM that we see coming through all the time. We hope you'll tolerate the inconvenience since the results are a high signal to noise ratio.
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        Really helps a lot good move..