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Release Management in Azure Devops with Git

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  • Release Management in Azure Devops with Git

    I need an assistance not only in finding proper solution but even in formulation the question so I'm not sure I gave the topic right title. We are small development team that recently moved from SVN to Azure devops GIT. While working with svn we had a separate back-office system developed by one of us that gave good response to 'management of code releases'. We have to manage code releases for different clients on different servers. Everytime bug or task was closed our system knew to increase version counter by one so that in the end we could know what is range of ids of the tasks or bugs in every release for every server. How can I find something similar in Azure devops GIT? I read about RM, RG, Pipelines, Retentions but nothing seems to be solution to our needs
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    Git does not have "ranges of IDs" ("ranges of revisions") like Subversion does. It is designed around a DAG (directed acyclic graph) where each node is identified by a SHA computed from the state of that node and prior node(s). So you have to start thinking in terms of using a different methodology.

    Tracking bug fixes, tasks, etc. can be made easier by automated creation of release notes, a la RENO [1].