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Project setup and exclusion of files

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  • Project setup and exclusion of files

    What should I include in my repository?

    Dear all,

    I'm still new to Git but I'm planning to use / start learning it. I have a VPS server that hosts a live and test site. I have a laptop which serves as a development machine.

    My setup idea: develop on laptop, push to a Git server that resides on the VPS server. Pull updates from Git server to both test - and live server.

    First question: would this be a good setup?

    Second question: the actual files that will be modified / developed reside in 1 seperate directory. The root directory contains a Joomla installation that is seperated from my own code. My own code belongs to the same project / website as the Joomla pages, but technically they are seperated as I don't want to rely on Joomla. As Joomla is server dependent (i.e. every host has it's own Joomla files and database), I'm wondering if I should exclude all Joomla folders and files residing in the root directory of my project by using the .gitignore file? What are best practise rules here? Am I thinking in the right direction?

    Thanks and kind regards, J.

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    In general, Git repos need to be kept small or the clone time can climb precipitously. So keeping "art" files in Git repos is normally a really bad idea (JPG, PNG, MOV, etc.). Same for binary files. Text files are the best match. You could always use "Git LFS" to handle the binaries.