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Difference between commit and snapshot

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  • Difference between commit and snapshot

    I am a student, I need to understand that difference between commit and snapshot, are similar concepts or the snapshot contains more commit?
    I have another questions, it is possible to clone the repository the original project, without commit?
    can you help me?

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    A commit is essentially a snapshot - it captures an image of the working copy as it is at the time of the commit. I can fully recommend the git book - the whole thing is online, but this chapter explains snapshots and how they're integral to how git works (especially in comparison to other version control software).

    Yes, it's possible to clone the original repository (though with git a repo is usually created empty so if you checkout revision 0 chances are you'll end up with an empty folder. You can check out any revision from the history though, chances are the first revision will give you the initial set of files.


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      Thanks a lot for your answer, but I have a new questions, the command ./>../log what returns in output?


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        Depends what's in the go-git-analyzer shell script - if you could post the contents of that it'd be much easier to tell you. Whatever is output though will end up in a file called log in the directory above the one you ran the command in, so your best bet would be to run it and check the contents of that file.