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    Hi to all, i'm tring to setup in raspberry git. In root i created a folder which contains a web-project. Then i created a second folder that should contain a copy of project to edit it.
    Into the first folder i setted git init -> git add . -> git commit -m "..."
    Into the second folder, i setted git init -> git clone secondfolder
    So i try edit same file and the i try to push them (git add . -> git commit -m "..." -> git push origin master).
    The procedure give me the answer that push to master->master is ok, but if go into folder 1 and i dont find out the file with new changes. How can i solve this problem?

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    In general, in order to support "push" a Git repository must be "bare" (i.e. "git init --bare", a.k.a. without a working area).
    As such (no working area), having your primary location be a "bare" repository is a no-go. So add a bare repo elsewhere. Clone 2 copies from it. Use one to update the bare repo. From the "primary" location do a "git pull".