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suggestions on how to configure git with a VM

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  • suggestions on how to configure git with a VM

    I'm new to git, and before I install it, I'm looking for suggestions on how to set it up.

    My work is done inside of a VM running Win7.

    On the other end, on a remote server, we have TFS installed.

    I'm told we also have access to a GitLab host, but we won't be using it for a while.

    I'm part of a small team, and from time to time we alternate work assignments, but mostly our work is independent and doesn't overlap.

    I've heard we can move stuff between TFS and git without much trouble.

    Right now I maintain a file tree within the VM, and I use BeyondCompare to copy updates to a mirror outside the VM in the host.

    My main question is this: I _think_ I want to set up a git server locally, either inside my VM or outside it in the host machine. Or maybe both.

    I'd want to keep the files inside the VM and outside the VM in tight sync, and then promote stuff to TFS only when we hit a milestone.


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    You state that your work is independent and doesn't overlap. If that's 100% then your process seems fine.

    If and when your work intersects with other members of your team then you're going to want to do a much closer integration so that each of you can see the latest work done by the other (to avoid big-bang issues). That will mean sharing some Git repository assuming that you're still going to hold off promoting stuff to TFS at milestones. So that means locating the Git server in a place where all of you can access.


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      Thanks. As I said, we do have access to a GitLab host. I wasn't thinking we'd be using it for a while, but that was in the context of replacing TFS with it. We can certainly use it as a shared repo to avoid collisions.

      I'm also curious whether I'd want or need a local repo within the VM and/or the host (outside of the VM). Or would the GitLab host be sufficient (assuming I can reach it from inside of the VM).


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        You shouldn't need a local repo other than the clone you'll be working in. Cheers.