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  • GIT on own cloud server

    Hi, I'm new to GIT, I have some questions.

    I have my own server, which until now I work with FTP with Atom or Sublime text to edit files and upload them to FTP.

    Is there this possibility with GIT? Does anyone know how to configure GIT on a server?
    Can you use GIT with Atom, sublime text or any other text editor?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can edit files whose change history is managed by Git using any editor you want.
    To check them into a repository is a "client-local" operation (done in your client's repo-clone of a server's repo).
    To get them onto the server you "git push" them up from the client.

    As for setting up the server, you're looking for the "git http smart protocol". See here: for more information. It's not that bad to configure it up for Apache.