"Centralizing" multiple repositories into "one"

Hi One of the thing refraining me from using Git in a professionnal context is its (seamingly) distributed nature. However, I wonder I am misunderstanding how it works or if I am missing the right information to find how to do it. The context is the following: - I use sources from different repositories; - I want to make sure that I will have a copy of these repositories available on my server GIT even if these repositories disappear. I know that: - I can add these sources as remotes in my local git. I think that: - When I push my changes to the server, the server does not get/keep a copy of the remote repositories content. Questions - Is there a way to set up my git server so that my git server keeps a copy of the repositories I use and that I can still get the contents even after these "remote" repositories disappear? - Can I "more or less" make it appear as there is only one central repository, which would be my server. Thanks for your feedback.

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