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[SIZE=8px][SIZE=28px][COLOR=#B22222][U][B]USELESS MESSAGE DO NOT ANSWER[/B][/U][/COLOR][/SIZE] Hello, I would like to give access to an already made repo to someone but I'd like to hide or remove (but make a backup before) of the file and its history. I'm not really experimented with Git so if you could tell me the process I should follow, it would be wonderful : - Make a backup of the file (ok its easy) and this part of the history - Remove the file and the history (only for the related commits) If you can help, thank you a lot! PS: I saw this answer too, maybe it's the right way to go[QUOTE] In case you have files already added to repository, but need to remove/ignore them. Follow these steps:[/SIZE] [LIST=1] [*][SIZE=8px]Move those files somewhere out of repository.[/SIZE] [*][SIZE=8px]Make a commit, which would delete those files from repository[/SIZE] [*][SIZE=8px]Move those files back to repository to the place where they have been[/SIZE] [*][SIZE=8px]Make a commit, but now instead of adding those files to repository right click on those files. Select "Add to ignore list"->"By file name". The option to which .gitignore you add those is irrelevant, but you can look up the difference in the internet.[/SIZE] [/LIST] [SIZE=8px][/QUOTE][/SIZE]

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