Soft link a file under multiple environment configuration

I have the following question, in an application, I created a symbolic link file called links to another folder which consists configuration files for different environments, such as local review, qa and staging (each has a separate folder). The link I created under my local environment is like ln -s ../../../../local/   It works fine locally.   However, when I push code to git repository and deploy on review, the file should link to under review folder, should be ../../../../review/ When deploy to qa, it should be ../../../../qa/  How can I do this (automatically or manually)? Thanks,

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You'll need to write a script to:
  1. do the clone 
  2. add the symlink 
There's no "automagic" way to require a set of commands be run post-clone in Git because it would immediately become a security hazard (just imagine an "rm -rf ~" as the command)...

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