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I've created a branch 2.1.1 from master branch. And created one more branch 2.2.0 from master branch. Both the branch had the same code while branching. Then I've added a folder "Migration/V_2_1_1" inside 2.1.1 branch and "Migration/V_2_2_0" inside 2.2.0 branch. Now I wanted to merge 2.1.1 branch to 2.2.0 branch. I tried to merge. The result was really shocking..!! "Migration/V_2_2_0" folder got deleted and "Migration/V_2_1_1" was added in 2.2.0 branch. Where in the expected behavior was Adding "Migration/V_2_1_1" to 2.2.0 branch(It should not have deleted the existing folder). Can anybody help me out to find out a solution for this?

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